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    Acrobat Pro DC renders fonts incorrectly on Windows 10

    Berend Engelbrecht

      Since I updated to Windows 10, fonts are rendered very ugly when I open a PDF in Acrobat Pro DC. My colleagues, who use Acrobat Reader DC, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome do not have this rendering problem. On my PC it also only occurs in Acrobat Pro DC, not with the mentioned PDF viewers. I can still reproduce the problem after updating Acrobat Pro DC to the latest available version (15.006.30201). A sample of the problem:

      Same document rendered by Acrobat Reader DC (2015.017.20053):

      Note that the plain text font (Tahoma 11pt) is rendered much thinner in Acrobat Pro DC and letter spacing seems to be off. At original size, the font is hardly legible and not rendered as I would expect from a "professional" application. All free PDF viewers that I tried have better font rendering on my machine.

      My display is a Samsung S24C450, used at the native resolution (1920 x 1080).