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    Changing renderer

      Hey. How can I force Director to use a especific renderer?
      I´m doing this:
      _movie.preferred3dRenderer = #openGL
      getRendererServices().renderer = #openGL
      But this only changes preferred3dRenderer and not the active3dRenderer.
      The active3dRenderer is always #directX7_0.

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          _lw Level 1
          i would love to be able to force the shockwave plugIn to use "#auto", because if it is not set to #auto in the rightclick user menu, you are not able to change it at all. Not possible in shockwave and not possible if you use a projector.

          i don't know a trick to change the "preferred renderer" if the user set it the shockwave plugIn to something else then "obey content settings", if there is a way please tell it to me.

          only thing you can do, make a small "shockwave3D"-settigs site where the user can go to set up the shockwave plugIn to the correct settings.

          but there was a way to change the registry on windows when you launch a projector, its in this forum but i lost the thread... if you find it, it would be great if you add it to this thread.

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            tedalde2 Level 2
            You are correct, the way to set the renderer is getRendererServices().renderer = #someRenderer. However, you need to be sure #someRenderer is a member of getRendererServices().rendererDeviceList (watch the spelling on that one, I always mis-type it ) Sometimes, #openGL isn't available on Windows PCs, for example when a system has two monitors running.