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    Banners running slow on Wordpress

    nsaneo Level 1

      Hi Adobe,


      We create ads with Animate CC.
      Unfortunately, when we preview a bannerset on Wordpress for our client, the animation is running slow, especially on PC.
      Bannerset with custom eases


      When we preview a banner separately, it runs normal:
      Single banner with custom eases


      Can somebody help us out? Thank you!


      The animation isn't complicate:

      Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.52.50.png


      What we've tried:
      1. We compared the Animate CC banners with banners we created with Greensock.
      The Greensock banners are running normal: ABN Amro – Kortlopende Reisverzekering |  De Franse Kamer

      The Animate CC banners are running slow: ABN Amro – Ondernemen |  De Franse Kamer


      2. We tried different FPS settings in Animate CC.


      3. We tried this solution that increases the number of connections that are made.


      4. We don't use sprite sheets or filters.


      5. We noticed the bannerset runs faster in Firefox.


      Extra info:
      Browsers are updated
      Animate CC 2015.2
      Wordpress and its plugins are updated

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          just.emma Level 4

          Why are you loading the Enabler and including code for DCRM for a simple standard banner?  I see you also have the clicktag for DCM; if the banners are being trafficked through DCM you should get rid of the enabler and any references to it.


          Why are you loading TweenMax if you're using timeline animation in Animate CC? 


          I would try cleaning up your HTML file and seeing if that improves the performance.


          Also, you should publish your file instead of just doing a publish preview, to get rid of the cache-busting variable (extra numbers) appended to the name of the animation JavaScript file.

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            just.emma Level 4

            Also, why aren't you using Animate's built-in high DPI support?  The newer templates in Animate CC 2015.2 and up have that built in so you don't need to add extra code for that.


            If I was you, I would scrap the whole template you're using and start fresh with Animate's newer templates.

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              marjantrajkovski Level 4

              You have problem with site (PAGE) - RESOURSES (CPU, GPU, RAM).

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                nsaneo Level 1

                Thanks Emma! We're going to start from scratch and see wat it does. We'll get back and post the result.

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                  nsaneo Level 1

                  Hi Marjan,


                  Thanks for helping us too. Are you saying that the banners are asking too much CPU which causes the slow animation?

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                    nsaneo Level 1

                    Hi Emma,


                    I did what you said. The banners still preview slow: Bannerset

                    The banner on its own: Single banner

                    What I did

                    1. I created a new HTML5 canvas document

                    2. I copied the layers from the previous .fla into this new one

                    3. I copied only the DCM clicktag, the style and the rollOverFunctions.


                    What I noticed
                    1. The .JS file got smaller with 30kb, which is great

                    2. The CPU jumps to 104% when I play the Animate CC banner. The Greensock banners sticks at 60% CPU. (Macbook Pro)
                    2. In Firefox (48) or Internet Explorer (11) the banners seem to play a bit faster than Chrome (52).

                    3. Its not the template, uploaded a test on my website: MISU › ABN Amro


                    Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 13.17.54.png



                    What else can I try?


                    Thank you






                    Greensocks template for Animate CC seems to fix my problem.
                    Something in their index file fixes the CPU problem.

                    I'll get back when it's fully working.

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                      nsaneo Level 1

                      So after weeks I figured out that AdHelper fixed my problem.
                      This code should be added in a next update to any Animate CC html file:


                      var ad = new createjs.AdHelper(stage)



                        .watchFPS(15, 1);

                        var failCount = 1;

                        ad.on("slow", function(evt) {

                        if (failCount === 0) {



                        this.watchFPS(15, 1);


                        // else if (failCount === 1){

                        // createjs.AdHelper.showAltImage(canvas, "images/backup_300x250.jpg", "javascript:doClickthrough(this)", "BannerWave", "_blank");

                        // }




                        function changeFPS(framerate){




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                        Kieren Smith Level 1

                        Did you end up getting a fix for this? I'm noticing that banners loaded into an iFrame play slowly in safari. but normal speed in chrome and firefox.