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    Windows Phone Build - Phonegap plugins are not getting added in package


      I have created one project on Phonegap build site and I have used multiple plugins into my application.  I used to create the Windows Phone and Android app build from this site and everything was going well.


      But from last few days the WP build created using PGB is getting crashed during the launch. I tried to figure out the issue and got to know that in the .appx bundle there is no plugins folder inside www folder and also there is no suich cordova_plugins.js file inside www folder. That is causing the crash as no plugins are getting added into my application. I tried to look into my old .appx file build using PGB then I can see plugins and cordova_plugins.js file there but not in the current app.


      However it works well for Android app and all plugins are there inside .apk file assets folder.


      Is there something changed at PGB for windows phone build creation which is causing this issue ? It is really a weird issue.


      See the plugins shown in plugin tab of the app


      Screenshot (1).png


      You can use below 2229567 app id for checking the problem.