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    Animating to a Audio File

    KShinabery212 Adobe Community Professional

      Ok so... recently I worked on a project and it is finished but for next time I thought it is better to ask.


      I created all the assets and imported them.  I also imported the voice over.  The client did not provide me with in and out times of main points of the voice over.  So I had to create the animation to the voice over/ audio file.


      So I did this almost a 3 minute long audio file.  Bad thing is I had to play the audio file from the beginning every time which was annoying and time consuming.


      My question...

      Can one play an audio from another point or does one constantly have to go back to the beginning of the audio file to get it to play?

      If the answer is it has to be played from the beginning then this is something that should be changed in a future update.