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      Hi all,

      I am importing xml data into indesign and have to style it with scripting.

      Done everything, except for putting in the bullets.. I hope you guys can help me.


      It's like this, in the xml there are placed characters where things should happen (like an enter or a bullet).
      For example:



      <product>Different products: {{;}}Dryer{{;}}Car{{;}}Pencil</product>



      I used the replace function (replaced {{;}} with 'bullet') and \n for new lines and the outcome is this:


      Different products:

      bullet Dryer

      bullet Car

      bullet Pencil


      Now I would think that I only need to replace it with a bullet, but I can't find documentation on bullet scripting. Yeah about how to make your custom bullet and how to do it in indesign without scripting.. Can someone tell me with what I should replace it?


      Thanks in advance, greetings