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    Merging multiple Muse designs into one site

    Indie767 Level 1

      I noticed that I have to build at least two separate layouts using Muse for one website to properly scale for mobile. Is there a widget to merge both layouts into one website? My work around is so far is importing into Dreamweaver and coding from there. I thought the whole point of Muse is not having to code. Is there a widget to merge multiple Muse designs into a single website? Or should use Dreamweaver to achieve responsive design?

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hello Indie767,


          Buy two separate layouts, do you mean two separate .muse files or just separate phone/tablet layout within a same?

          Please explain me a little more what exactly you are trying to achieve, so that I can suggest you the best thing?






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            Indie767 Level 1

            Hello Ankush,


            I created a new layout via Page > Alternate Layout to create pages that scale for mobile (320 pixles). I do this, because to scale down to mobile, I need to create a new menu which doesn't flow with the desktop & tablet break points. So, in effect, I have two different menu's, one for desktop & tablet, which Muse can scale properly for responsive and the other menu is for mobile phone. I then export and merge the code and clean it up in Dreamweaver. This a very inelegant workflow. And there isn't info I can find that tells me how this program can actually author a website that is beyond a generic template look.


            I've built sites in Dreamweaver, Wordpress and drag and drop platforms such as Wix and Weebly. All those platforms scale down to mobile (for the most part) without major issues. I tried using Muse a few years ago and I was hoping the current version would work better in this regard. In other words, Muse doesn't support mobile as yet so until it does, is there a widget to merge my Alternate (mobile) page layout with my Desktop layout?



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              Indie767 Level 1

              Hello Ankush,


              I figured out what the issue is. I misunderstood the program. Muse is a development tool and not an authoring platform. You still need code to complete. I thought Muse could build responsive websites without coding, or at least that how it is promoted. The marketing is very confusing. However, as a dev tool it makes sense to me once I import the HTML and CSS into Dreamweaver. So Muse more or less replaces Photoshop as a layout tool but you still need to import into Dreamweaver to complete.


              Please pardon the confusion.

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