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    Printer problem

    HarveyC Level 1

      I have Pagemaker  6.5. I do a lot of print work and nothing that requires web applications. Pagemaker 6.5 is perfect for me. My problem: I have a color laser jet pro m252. I prints fine and clean on copy paper, but I have a need to print on a light weight cover stock as well. When I use the heavier paper, the image prints fine, but over the image are some dirty places. I called HP and they told me the Pagemaker settings had to be adjusted. That's all the help they'll give me. If this can't be fixed, I'm stuck with a printer I have limited use for. HELP!!

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          It's pretty impressive that you have a new printer working ok with a 20 year old software. Nothing in the app relates to this. If you want something modern, look at InDesign. It isn't "web software" - the "cloud" in the name is just marketing, it still installs and runs locally. From $20 per month subscription.

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            And by the way, try printing the same graphics from another app, every chance it's the same issue. If it is, try an HP forum.


            I notice that the printer only goes up to 90 gsm, which isn't a cover stock, except for postcard sized input.

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              HarveyC Level 1

              Thanks for your response.. I've lookedat In-Design. I'll look again.Just a feeling, but I liked what yousaid and how you said it. My feeling is that you really know your wayaround a computer. So, if it's OK, I'd like to present a differentproblem to you that's driving me nuts.I'm running Windows 10. When I typesomething, some of the characters appear, but not all. Sometimesthere's a revolving small blue circle which I can get rid of byclicking anywhere on the desktop. Others times I can type somethingand nothing shows up. Do you have a solution?I typed this message in a wordprocessing program, copied it and pasted it into my email.


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                Jay Chevako Level 3

                Pagemaker is ancient software, and can only handle about 256 characters of a font, most modern fonts have way more characters than that.  this would account for your missing characters. The workaround is to only use older font (unicode) with pagemaker. Running pagemaker on anything past windowsXP is a crap shoot. Feel lucky that you have it running, and don't rely on it for any important work, Pm relies on it's printer driver for consistent output, and that printer driver does not work on modern computers.