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    keyboard nav_Flash MX 2004

      I've been trying to get the keyboard navigation to work with no success. What I want is for users (especially visually impaired) to be able to navigate using right and left buttons to progress through a slide show using Flash MX 2004.

      These are the instructions I've followed to the letter--what am I doing wrong?!

      1. Create an invisible button.
      2. Place button instance on stage.
      3. Select the instance and open the actions panel.
      4. In the Actions panel, enter on(keyPress "<Right>"){

      This is from Chun and Garraffo's Macromedia Flash Advanced book. It's not an issue of formatting since much of the script is available from the drop-down menus in the Action script panel.

      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated since I've been struggling with this for weeks (searched many sites, tried many other scripts, etc.).