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    Relinking changed since CC Libraries?

    eap_designs Level 1

      I have found that packaging a document and then reusing it has become more difficult. If I had packaged a documents for one of my remote co-workers to work on, I could always go to the the relink on the left at the bottom of the links palette, and once it found one link, it would relink the rest within seconds. Lately, it will only relink from CC Libraries. The second relink from the left, I have to go back and relink each one individually. I have to stretch out my links palette so I can see the entire name and make sure I'm not relinking the wrong thing.

      I don't use CC libraries and neither do my colleagues who are remote, we don't need all of the features of CC Libraries, we are content with drop boxing the package file and having everything work from that.

      Am I missing something, or has this changed since CC Libraries? It shouldn't be a problem to do things the way it worked in the past without the cloud.



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you choose the Relink button (2nd from left), and navigate to find your first relinked image, look at the bottom of the dialog: Check "Search for Missing Links in this Folder" and it will relink all other files in the same folder. It can't do it for files which may exist in other locations.


          This has not changed from previous versions.