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    Acrobat Pro DC Crashes when editing large documents


      Help!  I have many large pdf files that must be edited - all in the 50 - 125MB range.  Any form of editing - adding or changing text, organizing pages, extracting pages, etc results in a crash.  Here is what I've done so far....

      1.  Repair installation

      2.  Uninstall and reinstall Acrobat

      3.  Extract page, edit and insert page from file.

      4.  Use "Combine Files" and "Create PDF" rather than "Organize Pages" or "Edit PDF"

      5.  Spent 2 hours on chat with Adobe tech support - Updated preferences and changed security settings - case 188111432


      I'm using Acrobat version 2015.017.20053, Windows 10 Pro version 1511 OS Build 10586.545


      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.




      UPDATE 8/26/16

      Spoke to another Adobe tech person.  The problem was with the files themselves.  The fix:

      1. From the FILE menu, choose PRINT.

      2. In the PRINTER drop down, choose ADOBE PDF

      3. You will be prompted to save the document

      4. You will be able to edit the new file