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    Organizing RAW/TIFF versions of images edited in Photoshop


      I work with lots of images in LR (weddings) and looking for a solution to the following problem:


      After importing to LR and culling I have all my keepers in one folder. Then I edit all my images in LR AND SOME (about 10%) of them in Photoshop. When editing an image in Photoshop a TIFF file is  created and I have two versions of my image in the folder, the RAW and the TIFF version. If I would then export all the images from this folder to JPG's I would have one JPG of the RAW (which I don't want) and one of the TIFF (which I want).


      Currently I try to stay organized by using a color label green for all finally edited images (all images (RAWs) I only edit in LR get a green label AND all TIFFs get a green label (BUT NOT their RAW version). This is very prone to failure because I often forget to mark images green etc. What could be a better way to do this?


      Part of the problem is that I don't need to edit EVERY image in PS. Then I would export all my keepers from LR as TIFF's in a new folder and edit them from there in PS. Then I could easily export all images from this folder without any duplicates. This method would easily double the hard disk space for all the TIFFs...


      I am sure there is a better and easier way and hope someone can help. Thanks!