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    Feedback to Adobe for Animate


      There is no formal way to submit feedback to Adobe and that is a problem.  Nearly every corporation has a simple way to send a paragraph of text in the form of a comment or complaint or suggestion.  This is not the appropriate place for this kind of feedback, but since there is no alternative, I will be placing my feedback here in the hopes that Adobe will take note.

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      I like the Frame Picker.  However, the thumbnails stretch the symbols to fit the frame of the white windows, making the symbols pretty much uniform in size. If I have different sized apples nested in the symbol I'm dealing with, all frames appear the same size in the picker, making it utterly useless.


      In the Swap Symbol window, when selecting a different symbol to swap to, it take Animate up to 2-3 seconds to make the switch.  If a project calls for frequent consistent swapping, this delay destroys productivity as it makes it impossible to keep a flow.  I've deduced that the size of the library bogs it down.  This was never a problem before Animate.