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    Macromedia Flash 8 Files Saving as Adobe Animate CC Files?


      So in my Macromedia Flash 8 I got a thing that said "Please enter code" or something like that. Stupidly, I thought I had already done this, so I pressed do not show again. Where should I put it? I've found nothing, and it's not letting me open any of my previously saved files, giving me the error of, "Could not send command to program" or something like that. So I re-installed it, and now when I save files they save as Adobe Animate CC files and it says my trial has expired. I don't want Adobe Animate anymore, but it's forcing me to buy it (when I already have Macromedia Flash 8 installed and is working other than the saves) Please help, I really want to start animating, but I don't know what to do anymore.