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    Applescript to load a file, must suppress errors!


      I'm using Applescript to launch Illustrator and open a file with placed items that I know will be missing.  I need to suppress the warning message.  Essentially, I want to open an AI file, run a script, and close everything.


      I've tried this:

           app.userInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevel.DONTDISPLAYALERTS;


      and this:

           open "blah" without dialogs


      I've tried calling "close windows"


      I've tried telling Finder and System Events to click the Ignore button on the Adobe Illustrator window.

      I cannot embed the images, they need to be placed items.


      Here's my code:


          on run

          tell application "Adobe Illustrator"


               open "<<source>>"        

               open "<<script>>"       

               close current document

          end tell

          end run


      Help!  Thanks!