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    RAW file converted to .PSD


      New user working my way through Kelby's book and was viewing side by side before and after and changed camera calibration profile to camera landscape.  viewed a few changes to dehaze and then exited out of Lr.  Came back tonight and noticed Profile is changed to embedded.  History shows only dehaze, preceeded by attempts to "reset" before noticing the file is now a PSD and then the first entry before import is camera profile embedded.


      Other files changed to profile camera landscape are still RAW files.


      This particular file may have been open or selected when I exited Lr.


      What did I do to cause it to change the profile to embedded and to change the file type to a PSD.


      Any way to get back to the RAW or do I need to reimport the files (RAW + JPEG)


      Thank you.




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          elie_di Level 4

          You exported that file. Exporting is what you do when you have finished editing and want a full color version of the image to use elsewhere. You can export it as a jpg, tiff or psd, but whatever you choose the original Raw file is untouched and unchanged, so it should still be there where you put it.

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            Abambo Adobe Community Professional

            RAW files never change to something else (they can however be converted to DNG which is a kind of RAW file...). They can however be deleted or overwritten by a new RAW file of the same name. So when the file changes to PSD you did make a copy of the file with your LR adjustments "burnt-in" and ready for further treatment in PhotoShop.


            Be careful when manipulating your files outside of LR (renaming, moving, deleting etc). LR keeps only a database with pointers to the original files and previews of your files. If you do that, LR does not know what happened to that file and may display error messages. In best cases you need to reconnect the files to your database. Worst case is that you loose your file (eg. delete original the file on the HD by thinking that they are imported into LR).

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              thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              caplanner wrote:


              New user working my way through Kelby's book....

              Sorry, that's your first issue, rush out and get the LIghtroom FAQ (The Lightroom Queen - Tips, Tutorials & Troubleshooting for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom ) or a dedicated book by say Martin Evening (Martin Evening's The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Books | Peachpit).

              Came back tonight and noticed Profile is changed to embedded.

              Raw files will provide a DNG profile selection in the Calibration pane. Rendered images (JPEG, TIFF, PSD) have an embedded ICC profile. So in LR, you see 'Embedded'. That's one sign you're not working with the original raw but an iteration saved from the raw to again, some rendered file format. Yes, it would be lovely if instead of stating "Embedded" it stated something like Adobe RGB or whatever the actual embedded profile is.


              Adobe treats proprietary camera raw files as read only. It never edits or touches them. In LR you're creating a set of instructions, nothing more. When you Export or use the Edit in Photoshop command, the raw plus those instructions are used to render new, virgin, RGB pixels that you specify in terms of size (resolution; x pixels by y pixels), color space, bit depth etc. The raw is left untouched.


              Think of the raw as a film negative and what LR produces as the print you'd make from that neg in the darkroom.

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                caplanner Level 1

                thanks for the help

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                  caplanner Level 1

                  thanks for the heads up on the digital queen's site.  I'm looking at the book as well.