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    Cineware imports with camera offset

    freebird2000 Level 1



      Thank you for reading. I'm so frustrated with Cineware!  I've wasted my entire day trying to figure this out.


      I have a great camera move in C4D using a Camera Crane (tried same thing with Morph Camera). For the life of me, I can't get the 3D data to import into AE correctly.


      I set up a few lights in C4D to use as placeholders in AE. But when I extract my project in CIneware, it's like there's a strange offset. The light placeholders from C4D create lights in AE but they're offset from the C4D ones.


      If I select Comp Camera in Cineware, the lights line up, but then the camera is totally off. I feel like there's something simple that I'm missing here.


      I've also tried Baking the camera but get the same problem.


      Both C4D and AE are latest and greatest versions and C4DImporter.plugin is installed correctly. I've seen elsewhere in the forums that people are opening projects in R13 and exporting .AEC files from there. Does that work? Can I even open an R17 file in R13?


      Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated. THANK YOU!