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    Adjust Lightroom scroll bar width? (And screen scaling issues)





      I've tried the search-forum function but can't find an answer.



      Is there a way to make the scroll bars wider/thicker?  I'm talking about the ones at the left/right and bottomg edges of the workspace.  On my 4k laptop screen, they are very thin and I easily miss them, making an entire workspace panel collapse when I just wanted to scroll it.  Also, the little triangles by each scroll bar to make the associated panel 'pop out' from the side are *tiny* - barely visible on a 4k screen.  (I'm sure they were ok on my old HD screen...)



      Here's the bit I mean:

      2016-03-16 (3).png


      It seems Lightroom uses it's own scroll bars, not the default WIndows 10 ones.  I found a registry hack for Windows 10 to make the scroll bars any thickness I like but the setting is ignored by LR.


      I use LR CC with all the latest updates.


      As an aside, you may notice the scaling problem at the top left of my pic  - the "Moving Folder" is partially obscured by the progess bar.  I don't use windows default scaling - I prefer one 'notch' to the side to squeeze more onto the screen.  It seems LR doesn't handle non-standard scaling very well.


      Any suggestions?