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    LuisDesigns Level 1
      Hi there everyone, ok i have this problems with my project which i have been trying to resolve now for awhile. I have different animation in this flash project but i wanna make 1 of them play just once while the other keep on looping.
      Here is the link to it. i wanna make the plane play only once . www.chartereastmortgage.com if anyone can help me please......i need to resolve ths a.s.a.p
      Thank you so much and all the best to every1
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          Wolf_van_Ween Level 1
          put all of your "animations" inside movieClips. Then you have to put a stop(); in the last frame of the one animation movieClip that shouldn't loop.
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            LuisDesigns Level 1
            thanks for you help, i done that before, but i've the the stop() in the last frame of the one thats SHOULD stop. So it's the other way ?
            stop90 in last frame of the ones i dont want to stop ?
            Cheers and all the best
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              LuisDesigns Level 1
              sorry i miss read you....ok so i was doing it right, but when i did that it made all the movie clips stop. What did i do wrong ?
              thanks you for your help
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                Wolf_van_Ween Level 1
                No, you must have done a mistake somewhere. A stop() definitely stops only that one timeline and no others.
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                  Realtoast Level 1
                  I think that you are still misreading Wolf. What he is saying is that there should be no animation constructed on the main stage.

                  The plane and the hammer should each be its own independent movie. In that plane movie's own timeline you put the stop() at the last frame. Once you have created the movies, plane_mc (with a stop at the end of its timeline) and hammer_mc (which has no stops), and they are both in the library, you need only to drag them to the stage. The hammer will repeat its hammering, and the plane will fly in just once and stop at its destination.

                  But, keep in mind that your main stage, or _root, timeline can only have one frame so that it's not looping itself (which would just cause the above to repeat itself), or at least have a stop() at the last frame of that timeline, too.

                  I hope that this helps.


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                    Wolf_van_Ween Level 1
                    Thanks, Sbisa. I didn't have a look at the webpage. Simply forgot that the link was posted. In the meantime LuisDesigns has also sent me some private mail in which he/she(?) asked about shape animation, so I guess he/she still is trying to cope with some very basic Flash questions.
                    I do hope your explanation will help with this.