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    Defining Access Permissions for Android 6 in config.xml


      Is there a way to define Android Access Permissions in the config.xml file?


      For some reason, my app's "targetSdkVersion" was set to 23 in one of the last builds even though I did not have this in my config.xml and used "minSdkVersion" 14. After deploying to Google Play Store the app/listing now switched to the new Android M/v23 permissions and for Android users with v6.0.0 and above does not ask to accept any permissions when installing the app. When I tried changing the targetSdkVersion to anything below 23 I got an error on the Play Store that this is not supported.


      I need to add this as an example permission in my PhoneGap Build project "android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE", but did not find a way to do this without needing to use the CLI.


      So now some parts of the app do not function because of lack of permissions when used with Android 6.0.0. and above. I would love to know if there is any way to get this resolved without asking users to do this manually in their App Manager settings? Thanks