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    Animate CC not creating 'flashplayer' environment variable


      I work for a video game developer and have a new machine setup for work on UI. To do the UI we use flash to compile various screens and publish them in our game using Scaleform like many other companies.


      Since I'm a new employee I wasn't able to be setup with Flash CS6 like my counterparts and instead got a brand new license for Animate CC, after getting it installed and booted up I've noticed that Animate CC didn't create a flashplayer system environment variable. Without that variable our tools are unable to find flash to actually attempt to compile the files I need.


      For example CS6 does adds this entry to the PATH of a system - C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS6\Players;


      Animate CC didn't do that and it is a major bug that will affect a lot of video game developers if it's not fixed.