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    AFX freezes for 5 seconds when switching between Premiere and AFX

    Peter J Kovacs Level 2

      I do a lot of After Effects dynamic linking in Premiere. So I'm constantly switching back and forth between Premiere and After Affects. I would basically create the effect in AFX, then drag the comp over to Premiere and place it on my timeline. I would then switch back to AFX and tweak the timing of the effects, go back to Premiere and make sure it looks OK, etc.


      But ever since the latest updates, After Effects now freezes for 5 seconds when I switch back to it to do some adjustments.


      This seems to only happen on very large after effects projects that contain 100's of comps.


      I'm using After Effects CC 2015.3 and Premiere Pro CC 2015.4 10.4.0 (30) Build and a Windows 10 PC.