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    Custom templates


      Hello all, I am new to Indesign and starting a business where I have a very specific need, I'm hoping someone can help me and if not give me a resource for someone who can. I need to create a template with 3 different field sizes based on a number of character ranges (1-25, 26-100, 101-500), let's call them "messages".   I want to be able to copy and paste those "messages" into one of the 3 different size fields showing crop marks so that I can cut the printed sheets of "messages" along those lines.  Please help.

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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          spicyfood, we might need a bit more information in order to help you on the forums.


          For example:

          • when you are referring to a field, is it a fillable field inside a PDF form?
          • or are you referring to a text frame?


          Also as you are referring to 'cutting into printed sheets':

          • if you are referring to 'text' inside a text frame.
          • have you looked at setting up different master pages with different text frame sizes?


          Also what workflow are you seeing:

          • If you have a 500 character range message.
          • Does 1-25 have to go into 'field 1'
          • 26-100 into 'field 2'
          • 101-500 into 'field 3'?
          • If yes, then you could look at 'threading the frames you create on the master page.


          Any additional information, or some screenshots of what you are trying to achieve will be helpful. (even if it only has dummy content in it, doesn't need to be the real job you are working on).