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    Adobe Stock subscription not working


      Our firm has a team Creative Cloud which we have been using for many years and added Adobe Stock subscription which we added several months ago. I t was working fine: each member was abel to search and download RF high res images and vector art which we use on a  daily basis. A week ago we discovered we could not download the high res images. When trying to d/l, we were faced with a request to purchase the image for $99 or whatever the price was.


      We called Adobe customer service four times over three days:

      • They confirmed our account was in good standing
      • Saw no reason it should not work
      • They attempted to log in and fix the issue a few times to no avail
      • Were assured the problem would be corrected within 24-48 hours


      This is day 7 (if you count the weekend) and still not corrected.


      My supervisor contacted our rep for the Adobe account (CDW Channel Account Manager - Operations) and had a back and forth with emails. I will leave this person nameless for the moment). Responses:

      "A tech will call you directly."

      "I understand how serious this is and you will hear from a tech today."


      Still no response the next day.


      We are a fairly large international firm of more than 19 offices and have been customer of Adobe since 2004. This kind of incompetence is unconscionable for an entity the size and scope of Adobe. 



      Has anyone else suffered this same problem? It seems like it should be a simple thing to fix.