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    Kern space between character changed automatically

    P. Raghu

      The space between character and kern value is changed automatically.


      I have used "Ehrhardt MT Pro.otf" fonts for this layout.


      I tried idml conversion and system swapping and InDesign version swapping, preference clearing, font cache clearing, and there is no overrides in text, and kern value also swapped but all the efforts are not works, please advice.


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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          Your text is fully justified, and InDesign uses paragraph composer as a default.

          InDesign CCss_002.png

          What this means is that Adobe will reflow a paragraph to obtain the best spacing results, with the good of the overall paragraph in mind. This is disconcerting when you first notice it. Adding a word on line 10 in a paragraph can cause a word wrap change in any (or all) of the previous lines. I suspect that is what you are observing.

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            rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It does look like there is manual kerning applied to the second instance of Rector. If you select the entire paragraph and set the Character panel's Kerning field to Metrics does it set correctly?


            The minimum, maximum, and desired letter and word spacing is controlled by the Paragraph panel's Justification setting. The Justification setting can also be saved with a Paragraph style. I don't think you would see such a large difference if it was simply the justification setting.

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