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    Lightroom 2015.6.1 crashes when deleting photograph within 'Develope' module


      I'm finding that when I 'remove' a photography and check 'delete from disk' within the Develope module, LR crashes and closes down.  It gives no warning or options, it just closes.


      It doesn't do it every time I remove a photograph, but about every fifth one.  There appears to be nothing out of the ordinary when this happens.  I have plenty of RAM and only medium CPU usage when it happens.


      When I go back into LR it takes me to the previous folder that I was working on (from a previous session on a different day), not the one I was working on when it crashed.  When I go into the folder what I was working on at the time it crashed all my adjustments and changes appear to be saved.


      It wasn't doing this in previous versions, only since the 2015.6.1 update.


      Anyone experience a similar problem or know why it is happening?