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    Paragraph Styles doing weird things


      I'm having a strange issue that's driving me bananas.


      I'm copy/pasting a longform document in from MSWord (something I've done MANY times before without issue). For some reason, the text gets placed in Didot font, all caps, tracking 50--even though I have never and would never making that a style anywhere in my document.


      When I tried to use the styles I've set up to format the text, they don't work. Only the weird Didot font style remains. I cannot override it in anyway. I've been through all the "based on" settings in my styles, and this font (and those settings) do not appear anywhere. It's like InDesign has decided this is the default setting for all text and will not allow me to change it.


      If I change it manually, that works, but as soon as I try to apply a style, it snaps right back to this Didot madness.


      I've never seen this before and it's holding up all my work. Any ideas?


      This also happens if I try to past in the text from Pages. And paste without formatting isn't an available option. Not sure what else to try.