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    After Effects CC Rendering Issue


      My son is working on a project for school and it was due today. He put together a video and when we went to render it, it would get stuck 3/4th through the render and then would move back to half way. This happened multiple times. Then I found some tutorials to help me render the video and save as a movie. I followed the tutorial; however, it did not have the same options as what the videos showed me. For example, H.264 is not even an option for me. After playing around a little, I just chose a format I thought would work after more research. Rendered the video over night. This morning, when I checked, the video was rendered. However, the order was not correct, and it did not transition from one scene to the next correctly. There were slices of video that we created, but did not use in the final product that were also in the video. Don't know what to do next. We have Windows 10 operating system.