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    Adobe Extension Manager will not recognize Photoshop CS6

    annec55060338 Level 1

      I purchased Photoshop CS6 Extended (stand-alone version) and installed it on my windows 7 computer. In order to download a plugin I needed to install Adobe Extension Manager which I did from the Adobe website.  Now what do I do????? 

      1.  I cannot find Adobe Extension Manager in the Photoshop CS6 menu items.  I have watched videos on youtube and some say it is under windows - other say it is in help.  But not in my Photoshop.  I did notice that he extension option under the windows menu cannot be accessed.

      2.  I open Extension Manager as a stand-alone and there is nothing there.  There are no products listed.  The only item I can use on the top is exchange.  I try to type Photoshop CS6 in the search bar but nothing happens. 

      Please help me.....I bought Photoshop CS6 because I need a specific plugin for a project I am working on and in order to install the plugin I need Adobe Extension Manager.  Now I am in a Catch 22.  What can I do to make this all work together?


      I know you are going to tell me to use CC but I will not use Photoshop that often to warrant a monthly fee.

      I hope someone out there can help me.  It has been days and I still can't get any answers.

      Thank you