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    A place 2 stash your flash

      Hello, I'm pillowfighter from pillowfighter.co.nr

      You probally haven't heard of me, because I don't have many popular flashes on newgrounds, and I'm not that big in the forums. But I've been thinking of ways to get more traffic to my site. I've decided to let people put thier flashes on my site, as long as they put in the pillowfighter logo. Hopefully more people will come to the site, and then I will change from a .co.nr to a .net.

      Right now, if you are interested, just tell me, by email, or leave a message in my forum. You will have all rights to your flash, and you can post it anywhere else, and have as many other logos in it as you want, you just have to have mine some where. I know there are several other sites that already do this, but this way you have one more place to post stuff that won't get deleted.

      Since I'm not that good at html (yet) there is no actual post thing, so you'll have to either, email me a link using a hosting site, or email me.

      Any questions? Comments?

      Thanks -pillowfighter

      PS: here is a link to the "draft" logo i made