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    Lightroom 6 crashes on my PC. Does anyone have any advice?


      I installed Adobe Lightroom 6 today. I have an i7 3.5 64bit, which has 8gb ram, and a Nvidia GTX 660 graphics card, and I'm running Windows 7 service pack 1.


      When I click on tabs like 'Develop' and 'Library', the screen goes black and then it takes a long time to go back to the Lightroom window. I haven't clicked on anything else in Lightroom, but if this is what it's doing from just clicking on two tabs, then I don't know how it would perform if I want to edit some photos.


      Could it be a bug in Lightroom 6? Would I need to update?


      I don't think I would need to upgrade my computer, as from what I've read, it meets the requirements to run Lightroom 6.