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      $149 CANCELLATION FEE?!!!


      My mistake... I should have read the terms of the service more closely. Then I would never have signed up for Adobe stock in the first place. I had a monthly account with Dollar Stock Photo, but since that service migrated to Adobe, i decided to sign up for the 1 month free trial. I forgot to cancel after the first month, but that was fine since I needed several images for a project anyway. But afterwards, I start the cancellation process, since I won't be needing any more stock images for a couple months. Right as I'm hitting the cancellation button, I suddenly notice the "cancellation fee" message. Too late. I'm hit with a $149 fee.


      I was even planning on rejoining at a later date when I needed more images. But not now...


      But again, this is my fault for not reading details closely. I tried to get a refund but was rejected. I've been using Adobe products for over 10 years starting with CS2, but this is ridiculous and extremely poor service from Adobe. I would never treat customers like this in my own business, and from now on I will only be using istock and shutterstock for my image needs.


      Congrats on that $149 you just got from me, Adobe. I made a mistake and you made me pay for it.