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    Web app (items), Site map & Bread crumbs: How to combine them

    Carla@home Level 2

      How can you make those three modules work together?


      In the URL field of the web app item it’s only possible to add a page name i.g. this-is-my-page-name

      You can’t prepend a sub-folder name to it.


      For my listing web site I would like to be able to add different url’s in the web app item like so




      example.com/sale/belnem/condo-kaya-saturnus-12-4   OR



      For the Site Map I would like to create a folder structure like this:



      ——sale (or for rent)

      ———area name (like belnem)

      —————object address (like kaya-saturnus-12-4)


      The Bread Crumbs  should look like this:

      home > area name (like belnem) > object address (like kaya-saturnus-12-4)

      where the site visitor follows the trail back and sees the results of the crumbs when clicking/tapping on it.


      The only workaround I can think off right know is to manually construct the Site Map and the Bread Crumbs as a normal web page and using liquid filtering/sorting.


      There’s a big chance I’m overlooking something but I hope that some one else has a better idea.


      Thanks for any help.

      Kind regards,