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    Light rays/feathered shapes

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      Pretty basic question since I am new to the software. I want to make a background similar to this one, from Spongebob, where there are rotating "Light rays" that highlight the "Krabby Patty" moving forward. I attempted this and got no where. I don't know where to start to make the shapes blend as they do in the spongebob episode to make them look more like light rays. If anyone has a way they think would work, please let me know.





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          Pretty basic question since I am new to the software.


          Exactly. Please read the help or you will not understand a single word I'm going to say. The shape in question can easily be reproduced in a multitude of ways from radially arranging simple line-shaped white solids to using shape layer stars with heavily tweaked parameters. They can then be aniumated in scale and size to give a pulsating effect. The real trick is to use multiple such constructs in a pre-composition, reduce their opacity and layer them using blending modes like Add. Then on top of it you simply throw on an awful lot of Box Blur or Gaussian Blur to soften everything up and make it blend gradually with whatever is below. This can then be further refined using CC Lightburst, Radila blur and other "lightray" effects. Again, look up the specifics on the keywords in my short instructions.



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            Thank you!