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    Video  in video with skewing


      I want to do a video in video with me watching a tv showing clips of my wife and child with the camera moving behind changing the perspective of the tv video.  do i need premier or after effects?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you're trying to make the video within your video appear skewed, as if it's on a TV you're looking at from an angle, use the Corner Pin effect and place the corners to produce the skew effect.


          You can also animate this effect to match the change in position of the TV using keyframes.

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            alanw46836211 Level 1

            is this a feature in premier or in aftereffects?  I just need to know which one to look at getting.  

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              alanw46836211 Level 1

              I found this online:


              To the OP, shooternz has the best answers for you posted already. Main thing you need to avoid is assuming that since both applications can ingest video and put it on a timeline that they are both editing video. After Effects is specialized in frame compositing, and as such, it is most likely one of the worst long-form video editing applications that you could use (as it is, of course, not a video editor at all). After Effects must render every frame it plays more or less, which you can imagine gets rather difficult on a 20 minute television program with 40,000+ frames of video in many cases. Rather, After Effects best helps with general effects and compositing (think green screen work), motion graphics for short animations (think about a corporate logo animation at the beginning of a feature), motion tracking (putting a shot of a news report inside a television screen on a set and making it look like the actors are actually watching it while the camera dollies left to right behind them).


              Premiere is where everything finally comes together. You can do much effects work in Premiere Pro, and some fairly complex motion graphics and title animations, but it's not specialized to that. Likewise, you can do a LOT of audio editing inside PPro, but you're better off using Audition for very specialized audio edits (or Pro Tools if you prefer) because Audition lets you view audio in different ways, apply more advanced audio effects, etc.

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                Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Premiere Elements, Premiere Pro, and After Effects can all do that.  Premiere Elements or Premiere Pro are the easiest options.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  But the short answer is, yes, it's possible in Premiere Elements using the Corner Pin effect and, if necessary, animating its positionings with keyframes.