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    Nikon D500 camera presets Lightroom 5?


      Is there any way of downloading camera presets for the Nikon D500? I'm still using Lightroom 5 which doesn't support this camera and there will apparently be no further updates for it. I managed to import my RAW files that weren't recognised by Lightroom 5 by first converting them to DNG but I'd really like to use Nikon presets as a starting point rather than Adobe Standard. I'm really not ready to sign up to CC and get on that merry-go-round of finding the automatic updates become incompatible with my operating system and then that I can't keep up with the latest operating system without buying new hardware and so it goes on.....I hoped there might be a way of manually downloading the presets for this camera or any Nikon camera for that matter to use as a starting point....

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          You can edit a photo to your liking in Lightroom, and then save those edits as a develop preset that you can apply to other files.


          As for CC, the updates are not automatic, it's your choice if you want to update or not.

          If you are skeptical to Creative Cloud for other reasons, take a look at The 10 Most Common Myths About Adobe’s Creative Cloud (CC) | ProDesignTools


          You can also upgrade to LR6, which has fewer features than CC - new features that were added in CC since it was originally released will only be included in LR7 - provided that Adobe continues to offer a standalone version of Lightroom.

          You can upgrade to LR6 from this page: Software & Services

          Click Buy next to Lightroom, then click Full, and choose Upgrade from the dropdown menu.

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            elie_di Level 4

            I think you mean "profiles", or more specifically Camera Profiles, and not "presets", which are saved groups of settings. Getting the jargon right avoids confusion and will get you more relevant answers.


            By the way, the camera profiles that bear the same names as those appearing in the camera or in Nikon software are not genuine Nikon profiles, but rather back-engineered imitations created by Adobe.