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    Keyword Search in OSX


      Hey, I am looking to see if there is anyway I can have a third party user search for specific photographs with the finder app via. mac osx, through the keywords I input in Lightroom. Is there any translation between the two?

      Using Lightroom in a Dropbox account.

      Since Lightroom is a single user software, I always get conflicting copies when other people try to access Lightroom.
      Looking for my boss to search archives for specific products without him using the Lightroom catalogue.


      in the meantime I have been making contact sheets, but I feel like there could be a streamline system?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          OSX and Windows should be able to search for photos with specific keywords, provided that the keywords are written to the photo itself (or in the case of RAW originals, written to sidecar XMP files). Writing keywords to files does not happen by default. To write keywords to photo files (or xmp files in the case of RAW), go to the Metadata menu and select Save Metadata to Files; or equivalently turn on the option to automatically write metadata to XMP.