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    Looking for automated access to manipulate Headers & Footers in Acrobat Pro Mac


      Hello -

      I am on a quest to rework a script written for a prior version of Acrobat in which Applescript was used to programmatically modify settings in the Edit Headers and Footers window.


      I have pursued a number of rabbit holes thus far, trying to determine, among other things:

      • The language-independent name of the menu items related to Headers and Footers
      • The use of the new Action Wizard functionality to create an action I can access via Applescript
      • The creation of a menu item for the custom Action within a menu I can access (on the primary menu bar) via Applescript
      • Applescript that I can use on its own to access the Add Header and Footer menu, which is no longer accessible from ANY menu
      • Steps that not only tell me the menu name to refer to to utilize execMenuItem() but potentially how to put this now seemingly "blacklisted" item back on the whitelist


      In essence, I need ANY method that will let me programmatically get into an open and recently merged PDF and manipulate its margins, central header, font size and print range. Additionally, I need the header to be able to be passed in as a variable, representing the document name. Applescript is my preference, to remain inline with the current solution, but if JavaScript can be utilized in here somewhere, I am game to integrate whatever is needed to get the job done.


      All help greatly appreciated.