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    Pasting image (bitmap - png) into InDesign renders at lower resolution

    shawninvancouver Level 2

      Hello all,


      I am encountering a problem that I have never before experienced.


      I am trying to insert an image (tried different images)... all at high resolution and when placed in the InDesign document, the image loses significant fidelity. I have tried both copying from PhotoShop and placing the image directly from a saved .png image.


      From InDesign, setting display performance to high makes a small difference but it is still pixelated. Publishing (Export) to high quality also results in a low resolution image.


      Also important to note:

      - I am editing a previously created document with other high resolution bitmaps and they all appear sharp (on-screen) and publish at high resolution.

      - I have opened a new document and still, I no success!


      It appears as though something in the InDesign configuration has changed which is now causing any new images to auto-reduce their resolution.


      Any thoughts? This is absolutely baffling.