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    .swf rendering with NVIDIA GRID K1/M10 on Windows Server and RemoteFX




      I do apologize if this has been discussed before, but I did search and did not find recent posts, so I wanted to make sure I was working off the most recent versions. I know nothing about how the data in a .swf file is processed, but was hoping a GPU would help this process. There are some remote users will use remote app  & RDP/RemoteFX to a Windows 2008 R2 server where the .swf files live and are rendered. Then the rendered data is sent to the remote users device. The thought is the NVIDIA K1 or M10 will greatly help the rendering speed, and that RemoteFX will greatly help the streaming speed. I just cannot tell if the GPU will help much by the things I've read so far. Does it depend on what type of content is in the .swf files?  All I know at this point is they are training videos of some sort, I am not sure if they use 3D, or other advanced features.  If anyone has any up to date tips I sure would appreciate it. Thanks all!