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    Lightroom Synchronizing Issue




      I feel like I've scoured the internet looking for an answer to this -- short of uninstalling but I'm hopeful there is another way.
      I've recently subscribed and started learning Lightroom specifically to organize my photos better.  I watched a full course on lynda.com and then began the process of gathering photos, organizing them in explorer, then synchronizing.  Once synchronized all changes henceforth would be made in Lightroom ideally. 
      So I started.  I synced thousands of images so far.  However I just noticed that it did not sync all of the folders in my 2015 folder.  It does recognize them because when I go to sync again (as seen) they are all grey and there are the smart previews (or catalog? idk) thumbnails shown.  I restart my computer.  I backed up the catalog before doing so.  I'm unclear on how to clear out a catalog if that could somehow fix this.  I'm nervous to continue on if this becomes a recurring issue.