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    Adobe unable to obtain dynamic link server


      Ok so I've tried everything on this or at least i thought i have. In adobe after effects when i use the camera tracker i am constantly getting the "unable to obtain dynamic link serve". It wont allow me to track my footage at all. I read through the previous forum about this and i went and used the cleaner tool and that worked for a while and the problem showed up again. I then tried the tool again and that didn't work. i uninstalled then installed again and still didn't work. I then updated my computer and that worked and the problem was solved. then after a week or so the problem showed up again. i Did everything i did before and it didnt work, i dont have any system updates so that didn't work and I've uninstalled and installed again multiple times. Still no solution, Is there any other way i can fix this and keep it fixed with out it getting fixed then a couple weeks later i have it pop up again? thanks.

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          Nobody can tell you anything. You are running off with vague descriptions and not a shred of useful info like actual system info, version of AE and what have you. The simple answer probably is, that some security setting on your system kicks in, be that the native firewall or a rampant virus scanner. We seriously cannot know based on your non-information. You have to be much more specific.