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    Lightroom can't tell time?


      So, Lightroom has forgotten how to tell time?  Not only has it corrupted the time stamps of 8 of my photos to a couple weeks ago, but it has decided that they should be sorted before photos from 1979.  Attempting to attach screenshots to demonstrate.  The issue persists across Lightroom restarts.  Needless to say, I'm avoiding the "backup library" option for now.  Any thoughts?


      Lightroom 2015.6

      Windows 10 x64




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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          This problem often occurs when a photo is missing the capture-time metadata field -- LR then substitutes the file-modification time (or something similar) and sorts the photos inconsistently in grid view (due to a LR bug).


          The most efficient way of troubleshooting this is to upload IMG_0912.dng to Dropbox (or similar) and post the sharing link here.  We can put the file under a microscope and determine exactly what's happening.


          Also, you can change the cell layout using View > View Options to display the capture date under each thumbnail in grid view -- this will make it a little easier to determine if photos are sorting properly.

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            upstreammuse Level 1

            Thanks, that was indeed it.  I dug back into my archives, found the original jpegs, and the capture time was stripped out of those files some time ago.  I suspect Lighroom finally noticed when I converted the files to DNG.  The date from a couple weeks back would coincide with the conversion date.  I'll go kick myself privately for not noticing sooner.