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    RH10 online help not working on MS Edge

    dwc3 Level 1

      I'm having an issue with getting the online help to open in Edge. I'm using RH 10. The html help works fine on Firefox, Chrome, and IE, but not on Edge.

      I don't have it installed on my machine, but one of the developers at work tried to open it on his machine and it would not open at all. Well, actually it opens to a totally blank page.

      The only info I have is what the developer said. He sent me the following info:


      During the investigation of issue, it's found our help page %ROOT%\docs\start.htm can't be opened with Microsoft Edge. We can try to right-click on this
      file, and select open with MS Edge, it will fail.

      And after debugging, I can see this is caused by the following script in that page:





      When we open this file with MS edge,  I can see object window does exist, but variables like
      window.gbWhUtil, window.gbWhMsg are all showed to be undefined,


      this caused document.location.reload() to be called, and it seems that it's kept to be called again and again(like an endless loop), and this caused the opening of start.htm with MS edge failed.


      Can anyone provide any insight into why this is not opening at all in Edge?