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    webhelp: Cannot redirect book after click hyperlink




      I was using RoboHelp 8.0 for our help file compiling, in the past time, I was using HTML Help for all my applcations. Now I want to create a WebHelp for my apllication, I got a problem while browse the help contents. Here is my problem, in contents, there are many books in there, when I select one page in book "Get Started" and then click a hyperlink in this page, it should go to the page "Creating a blank system" under the book "Creating a System' and it go there indeed, my problem here is that the left pannel the contents, there is no change, it still stay in "Get Started" book, it cannot redirect to book "Creating a System' ->"Creating a blank system". would you please guide me how to fix it, this is very important for me I think.


      I need to let you know this works well for HTML help(.chm).


      thanks for your help,