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    localConnection object question - actionscript-toolbox.com

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      First of all, how long ago did actionscript-toolbox.com go away? I see the
      archive.org wayback machine shows it going back to March of 2005.

      My question is this. There used to be a sample on that site that launched
      to pop-up windows and I think used localConnection to pass data for a
      bouncing ball movieclip. The result was that you could throw the ball off
      of one screen and have it appear on the other.

      I would like to do something similar but would like the source of the
      movieclip I am talking about to poke around in. Does anyone have this
      source file or know where I can find it?

      I found the following, which also passes data back and forth with the
      localConnection object, but I would still like the other fla too.