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    Is my PC able to run Adobe Lightroom 6?


      I bought a brand new boxed copy of Lightroom 6, which I installed on my PC yesterday afternoon. My home PC runs on Windows 7 Pro service pack 1. It's an i7 3.5 64-bit, 8gb ram, and GTX 660 graphics card. I've read the system requirements on the Adobe site, and on the back of the Lightroom 6 box, and it seems my PC should be able to run the software with no problems.


      Yesterday, after installing Lightroom, I tried to get familiar with the program - by clicking on Develop and Library. After clicking on Develop, I noticed that the computers screen went black, and took a while to go back to the Lightroom window. Would anyone know why it's crashing? Would I need to update Lightroom? Or would I need to upgrade my PC?


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.