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    Lightroom 6.1 desperately slow on RAW treatment



      I am a professional photographer and I encounter yesterday a problem with the latest version of Lightroom.


      I work with:

      - Computer IMAC 27' -El Capitan 10.11.6- I5 3.3Ghz - 8Go 1867 DDR3 - HD fusion 3To - retina 5K (12-2015)

      - Lightroom 6.1 (just upgraded) under Creative Cloud - I allocated 50 Go for camera RAW memory

      - Camera PENTAX K1-full frame camera - in full PEF RAW mode

      - I use smart preview to make the treatment lighter

      - I have disconnected the graphic accelerator card of the Imac (was slowing down the process)

      - there is only Lightroom software opened on my computer. Everything else is shut down.


      The problem:

      I started to use LR to treat 96 Pentax PEF raw pictures yesterday.

      As usually I copy all my pictures on a separate HD linked with Thunderbolt 2 and import them in Lightroom.

      I then disconnect the HD and work with "Smart preview".


      At the beginning everything did work reasonably fast, the delay between the command and the result was less than a second.


      After a couple of hours, the flow did get slower and slower, showing me constantly the turning wheel and having me to wait up to 15mn until it stops spinning.


      I shut down Lightroom several time and my computer as well, thinking that some memory space was full and had to be emptied.


      Nothing did make it work faster and every command was taking "hours" to show on screen!


      It is true that the treatment on my pictures is rather heavy, with large "whitenings" of backgrounds (paint brush & curtains) and several color modifications with paint brush.

      I started in the morning (with several pauses) but ended up at 4AM, only able to treat completely 20 pictures, and sending the rest partially treated  to my clients!!!!!


      Help needed:

      So, as I don't know what is going wrong this time, as I have never being stuck that way, I am willing to listen to any advice or solution to get back a decent working flow with LR or I will choose, after a rather pleasant and continuous use of LR, another software. Cannot loose my time this way.

      Thank you in advance for your help!