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    Push notifications sample - Unexpected token '


      Hello everyone!


      I've just recently started working with PhoneGap and for the application i'm making i want to implement push notifications.

      Right now i'm currently trying to simply get it to work before i implement it in my app that's already in the making.

      I'm following this guide : Push Notifications | PhoneGap Docs  and when i'm at the step "Sending your first push" I try to input the code given in the guide, this is the code -


      phonegap push --deviceID My_key_here --service apns --payload '{ "aps": { "alert": "Hello World" } }'


      I get the error (Unexpected token ' ) in the CMD window.


      I've tried to change the syntax and read upon this error but i've gotten nowhere yet so i thought id ask here if anyone knows the solution or tips that i could test out.


      // Dennis