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    I need to adjust dpi when batch exporting PDFs to TIFF, Acrobat Pro


      Hello All,

      I have Adobe Acrobat Pro. I’m using the tool/action to batch export multiple pdf’s (approx. 425 individual pdf’s) to TIFF format. My problem is the resulting TIFF images are low resolution, and I don’t know how to adjust the export settings to get Adobe to export it at 600dpi or better.


      If I skip the batch process and do each pdf file manually I can indeed adjust the settings to 600dpi, but I have too many files to do it manually. Also, If I use the “combine files” feature, get them all inside one pdf as multiple pages, then export as TIFF: I can set it to 600dpi but then each file is exported with a different file name. Example: “MAP5” gets exported as “Page x of x” so I would be left renaming 425 files back to their original filename.


      Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.